About Us

Sultaans started its journey officially in the year 2015 under the name of ‘Golden Kraft Gifts Trading LLC’. However, the brand made its dazzling debut originally in the year 2014.

From the very first day of our business, we have been consistent in adding royal antique as well as large variety of decoratives and artifacts to our range of products decor items to our range of products. This is why, the customers always find our products carrying unusual designs and pure aesthetic quality that make them appreciate the value of traditional artistry.

Among these items; coffee warmers and wooden and brass-made incense burners have become highly popular within our large international clientele. To the local customers also, the items have made their mark successfully because of their noteworthy presence and flawless finish.

Obviously the material value of our decor items is immense. But the emotional value that these items carry, absolutely deserves a special mention as they bear nostalgic shapes and textures that our forefathers used to enjoy.

After excelling in B2B and B2C trading of art and craft, Sultaans is gearing up to reintroduce itself to the industry with an array of internationally famous perfume brands and cosmetics for both men and women.

Sultaans believes in consistent improvement. Thus, the brand strives to come up with absolutely new creative designs and concepts. The company has earned the trust of its customers by delivering them products of par excellence within the promised timeline, always.

We are one of the best companies for providing the best hand-crafted, beautifully designed materials that you will ever find. Make yourself a guest at our website and see what we have to offer you here. You will be mesmerized with the best options that you will have to buy Golden Kraft popular products. Choose us now for the best.

Try your hand at shopping for some of the best wooden and brass-made handicrafts at Sultaans and you will never wish for anything else. We provide you with hundreds of options to buy Golden Kraft popular products and you wouldn’t want to miss a chance like that for sure.

The Golden Kraft Gifts Trading LLC is dedicated to providing the best hand-crafted materials for the clients that we have. Come check out the website that we have and you will find yourself being mesmerized with the variety of options and amazing things that we have for you. Not just handicrafts but we also provide wonderfully-smelling perfumes and amazing cosmetics for those who are in the need for it. If you want to have the best in Dubai, come to Golden Kraft Gifts Trading LLC and you will not regret it for sure.

From Golden Kraft LLC to Sultaans, we have come a very long way with our beautiful handicraft items and you can see the beauty in the products that we provide you. It is time to choose from the best and we should be the only option for that.