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Don’t we all wish that our house would look exactly like those grandly decorated houses on a magazine spread? We at Sultaans are here to aid you to buy antique products online which are specially curated just for you to make your house look absolutely upscale and full of opulence.

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1.Strategically place artwork for better exposure

Many people buy expensive artworks to decorate around their house. More often than not, this does not bode well for them as this artwork is never strategically placed around the house. Whenever you buy a piece of art, it does not necessarily have to be super expensive nor does it have to be extravagant. Placement is of great importance which is why you must exhibit these artworks in such a manner that it maximises their effect altogether. Painting a separate wall with a complementary colour and placing these artworks in a strategic manner can do absolute wonders for you.

2. Try out different types of lighting

Each room in the house must have three types of lighting: the first being ambient lights, which will give you an all-round brightness in a much more subdued fashion.This kind of lighting usually emanates from the fixtures above you. The second kind is task lighting which is usually found in nooks and corners. Lastly, the third kind of lighting in this kind is accent lighting which is used for decorative artwork. A proper mixture of these three will lead to an illuminated house.

3. Rugs must always be perfectly placed

Whenever you place carpets or rugs in the house, you usually look for the regal feel. But many times it so happens that due to the certain incorrect placement of the rugs, the look of the whole room goes for a toss. This is because we mostly don’t look at the placement of the furniture with the carpets. Always ensure that at least two legs of all your sofas and chairs are placed on the rugs to give the receiving room an air of homeliness. The next time you choose to buy rugs or buy other antique products online, you will surely give great importance to their placement.

4. A fresh set of eyes sometimes can give a fresh perspective

The longer you live in a house, the more your eye gets trained to the way your house is decorated. After a while, you find it difficult to find out a new way to arrange your furniture or to set up your bookshelves and carpets. This is where the pros must come in. You can always look out for some handy tips by an interior decorator or ask a well-versed friend of yours to come in and give you a few suggestions as to how your house should look. While it is totally up to you as to which recommendations you would take, but it would definitely help you get a fresh perspective.

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