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Many interior decorators are well aware of how to play up your home’s qualities, conceal its blemishes, and make it dazzling. Did you know that you don’t have to be a pro at interior decorating to find the right way to spruce up your house? We guarantee that none of these tips will burn a hole in your pocket.
We at Sultaans believe in affordable styling. Here’s our personal pro tips to make your home dazzle!
1. Front Door of your house must speak volumes!
Colours generally are known to convey different emotions through them. For instance, red colour was believed by many to denote the feeling of ‘welcome’, yellow and orange usually exude the feelings of delight and warmth. Your door most often than not becomes the first thing that your guests see, before they enter your house. Why not ensure some very positive vibes right at the entryway!
2. Your walls should not scream, rather should sing a light melody
While the exterior of your house is quite important, much more important than it, is the interior of the house. Your walls happen to be the largest and most visible surface to all the occupants as well as the guests. This is why it is imperative for you to ensure that they are perfectly attuned to your sense of style. When it comes to the colours of your walls, always opt for neutral or pastel shades. Some colours like cream and beige have qualities that will give your room a subdued yet largely comfortable outlook.

3. Placement of your furniture is of great importance

Furniture is considered to be the masterminded which enthusiastically welcomes discussion. Your sofa, your lounge chairs or coffee table are bound to work as the ice-breakers when it comes to your guests. Pushing all the furniture to the walls or the dividers is one mistake that most of us are bound to make. Many feel that this would ensure that their room looks large and airy. Unfortunately, that is never the case as this would make your room appear as a closed-off space for any camaraderie or discussion. The perfect place for your sofa and chairs is the center of the room where conversations can flow freely.

4. Sunlight is the key to a great house

Lately, exquisitely designed long drapes and curtains are in vogue with designers and homeowners alike. If you have large and airy windows in your house, you must look into window dressings which will match your walls as well as your windows. If your house is situated in the place where it gets a lot of sunlight, opt for drapes that are sheer and thin. This will ensure the flow of light inside the room and will also brighten up your living space in the most dazzling manner.
Artefacts Sultaans

Artefacts Sultaans

5. Mirrors make a room look lot larger than it really is

Mirrors can make a space feel more brilliant in light as the sunlight bounces off of them around the house. While novice home owners would choose to place mirrors exactly opposite to their windows in order to get the most amount of light in their house, it is a rookie mistake. Rather put these mirrors on a perpendicular wall and not a wall that runs parallel to the window. This would not just brighten the room, but will also make it appear larger.

So there you go, some amazingly simple home styling tips which will make your house look dazzlingly bright.

Sultaans products offer the exact style to turn your house into a superbly amazing living space. Choose from a range of brass plated, golden and wooden products to amp up your home décor.

Sultaans products

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